Nu știu dacă te-a interesat vreodată cum sună o altă țară. Prin „sună”, nu mă refer la limba pe care o vorbesc oamenii, ci la muzica pe care o ascultă. Nu te-a ros niciodată curiozitatea? Măcar un pic. Poate că într-o seară îți trecea prin cap: „Bă, da’ în Canada ce ascultă ăștia? Au și ei Macanche și din ăștia mai underground? Mai off the dome? Mai freestylish? Da’ în Germania or avea?”. Poate au, nu știu.

Ce-ar fi să întrebăm niște oameni competenți?

Seria Global Boombox se vrea a fi un advisor autentic, un ghid și o conexiune directă cu oamenii ce activează în diferitele ramuri muzicale existente (cine știe ce o să mai apară). Mă bazez pe abilitățile tale de a înțelege engleza de bază. Hai să începem:

Ghost Club Records – CANADA


Name: Sebastian Navarro
Age: 25
Place: Caracas, Venezuela (born) – Montreal, Canada (raised)
Occupation: Versatile audiophile in this DIY world

Nu aș putea să-ți vorbesc despre muzica din Canada fiindcă nu știu nimic despre ea. Totuși, s-ar putea să fi găsit pe cineva care să-ți răspundă la întrebări.

Pe Sebastian îl găsești atât pe Facebook, cât și pe Soundcloud.

(Suburban) First of all, tell us something about yourself:

(Sebastian Navarro) I’ve been a DJ for 10 years and I still play shows of electronic music/future beats as DJ NAV. I was also a Live show technician since I was 17 to Technical Director of a theatre at the age of 19. 3 years later I studied Sound engineering at Trebas Institute in Toronto. I’ve been a free lance Sound Engineer since I graduated in 2013, working along side many local but also international talents such as: Prince Club, Brodinski, Kaytranada, Illa J, Jonathan Emile, KRSone, GrandBuda, CRi, Ouri, Lust, Rosewater CTZ and many more.. In 2015, I worked at a music technology cie called LANDR as a community support tech. This opportunity led me to learn a lot aside the Engineers who developed the algorithm of LANDR. Since then, I’ve been doing more and more mastering as an engineer. I am now label manager of Ghost Club Records which I founded along side Max Antoine Gendron (Prince Club).

Some off topic questions.

(Suburban) Have you ever heard about Romania before? If so, please tell me what you’ve heard.

(Sebastian Navarro) I use to have friends in high-school that were from Romania. I don’t know a lot from this country but I did hear some music from there and I find its culture captivating, joyful and contagious.

(Suburban) What music are you into? What can we find in your playlist?

(Sebastian Navarro) As a DJ and audiophile, I listen to many genres, I listen to jazz as much as rock and hip-hop or even hard tech and house. I guess it depends of the mood. In my playlist you’ll always find something to lighten up the mood and make you move. Lately i’ve been listening to the new MIA and the new MSTRKRFT.

(Suburban) Would you ever visit an european country? If so, which one and why?

(Sebastian Navarro) I’ve never been to Europe but my roots are from Spain and Hungary, I’d definitely love to visit eventually. I have many friends from France so I am curious to discover the country. If I were to visit, I would try to do a full euro-tour and get to know it all., or as much I can anyways, starting by Spain and France.

(Suburban) Besides running a label, what are you currently doing?

(Sebastian Navarro) Managing a label with over 15 artists signed isn’t an easy task, It takes a lot of my time. I use to have a side job at a restaurant but I decided to give it up so I can focus on what was needed for the label and the artists. Besides the record label, I work as a sound engineer with many artists from montreal but also from the international. I am also building my future studio with my dad. A full-on, room-inside-of-a-room, soundproof proffessional studio designed by my dad himself. I’m stoked!

Moving on to music.

(Suburban) What was your first contact with music?

(Sebastian Navarro) My first contact with music probably was in my mom’s belly as a baby. My parents have always been into music, mostly my dad since he was a DJ during the 70-80’s. Growing up, I was always surrounded by music, and all kinds of it too. It went from salsa/merengue to alternative rock/experimental swinging by a little of disco/soul and funk. It kinda grew in me, I was always fascinated by sound and music, I played some instruments (violin, flute, trumpet) during my childhood/teenage time. Somewhere around that time I also discovered electronic music and hip-hop which then brought me into DJing. Once again, my dad had a big part in it as he showed me the basics on Vinyl and CD.

(Suburban) How did you decide that you wanted to go into the music business?

(Sebastian Navarro) To be honest, I never went like: “ I want to be part of this music business and work in it”. One thing led to the other and now here I am, managing an independent label and working on amazing music with talented artists. At a young age, I knew I wanted to work with music but what?, I never knew, I just went with the flow. I always did what I loved and i think it has been key into making it where I am today.

(Suburban) Why “Ghost Club Records”? What’s the origin of this name?

(Sebastian Navarro) The label first started as a music group / production house. Max (Prince Club) was producing many acts by himself when I fist met him, slowly but surely I brought some of the artist I thought were dope to mix with his vibe. It grew very fast and after a a few months we had a huge catalog of music waiting to be picked up by some label. That’s when I suggested max to make our own label and release all of our catalog ourselves. Around that point max was going by the name of “Ghost” as he was ghost producing for many artists. All of the artists knew each other and loved what each other did, which brought us together, we really became a big family, a community, a club.

(Suburban) What is the main genre that Ghost Club focuses on?

(Sebastian Navarro) We are audiophiles that love all genres of music with no restriction. We are not bound by one sound. We want to reflect this mentality by not focusing on one particular sound, we want to show the beauty in music within its many genres.

(Suburban) What can you tell about the canadian music scene? How is it like?

(Sebastian Navarro) I find the montreal music scene inspiring. I’ve grew up around it and so I’ve seen it evolve. I saw many montreal artist blow up like Lunice, Kaytranada, Snails, etc. They’re all like you and me, simple individuals with a vision and a dream. When i see those hard working artists make it (reach their goals) it inspires me to go forward and support further more the current scene. It keeps on growing and I look forward for the new generation coming in stronger and more conscious than the previous one. They have all the tools in front of them to make it and some are already killin it. like I said, It’s inspiring. This also applies to the music scene in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. They’re all cities filled of talent and slowly but surely it’s getting the attention it deserves. Keep your eyes open on the canadian music scene, there’s a lot coming up!!

(Suburban) This is what we call “garbage music” in Romania (actually the name of this genre is “manea”). What do you think about it? Would canadians listen to this?

Here’s a song (manea):

(Sebastian Navarro) Wow. 41million views, that’s a lot of views for what it is. I don’t know if canadians would listen to this. The rhythm is quite appealing, it makes you want to move and shake it. hahahaha. It reminds me of Reggaeton in latin amaerica, some of it can be good but most of it, is garbage and it still gets a lot of plays therefore a lot of money. But what can we do, nothing, it’s just the way the music industry goes.

Acum că te-ai lămurit cu privire la Canada, hai să revenim un pic pe teritoriul românesc.



Age: 24
Place: Cluj Napoca – Romania
Occupation: Producer, DJ

Poate că ai vrut măcar o dată să discuți cu un producător, dar nu ai avut ocazia. L-am întrebat eu pe IV-IN niște chestii. Știu că nu te consoloează, dar poate am nimerit niște întrebări la care te gândeai și tu.

Apropo, poți să-i auzi muzica pe Soundcloud sau pe Facebook.

Some off topic questions.

(Suburban) What music are you into? What can we find in your playlist?

(IV-IN) I listen to all genres of music, especially Rock music from the 60’s ‘till the 80’s, Jazz, Blues, Oldschool Hip Hop, Punk, Indietronica, etc. It doesn’t matter what genre it is, if it’s meaningful, inspiring and I like it, it’s good for me.

(Suburban) If you’d have the chance, where would you emmigrate to? Why this country?

(IV-IN) I would definitely move to California, I don’t like cold and don’t really enjoy winter so there’s a perfect weather there for me, also I like the variety of the geographical landscapes.

(Suburban) If you were to describe the romanian music in one word, what word would be?

(IV-IN) Interesting.

Moving on to music.

(Suburban) What was your first contact with music?

(IV-IN) I don’t know, I feel like there was this special connection since I can remember, I grew up listening to rock music, that made me buy an electronic guitar and it was just a matter of time until I moved to electronic music.

(Suburban) How did you decide that you wanted to go into the music business?

(IV-IN) I didn’t, it just came along with the music production. I didn’t really play gigs until two years ago, I was more into crafting my production skills and learning some basic music theory and mixing techniques.

(Suburban) As far as you produce music, how would you describe your style? Do you have a proper signature sound?

(IV-IN) I often use a three-word description: “Raw, distorted and emotional”, I always insert small glitches or distorted elements in my music that go along with melancholic melodies or raw bass sounds.

(Suburban) What’s your personal contribution to the underground music scene in Romania right now?

(IV-IN) I never thought of this, I just play music wherever I’m invited (if I like the concept of course) and enjoy it. I do not see it as a contribution, there’s definitely some, but I just push the music I like and create.

(Suburban) What artists would you bring to your city in the near future? Just name a few.

(IV-IN) There are so many names here that are not genre related, but to name a few: Nicolas Jaar, Ben Klock, SNTS, Jeff Mills, Joseph Capriati, etc.

(Suburban) What can you tell about the romanian music scene? How is it like?

(IV-IN) I think it’s evolving very quickly, especially the electronic music scene. There are many good artists out there and many good DJ’s that play good music. The underground scene looks good from my perspective. There are a lot of festivals that push electronic music and a lot of people that are hungry for this genre.

(Suburban) What can romanians do to improve the underground movement? Do you see any future for the bass scene (generally speaking: techno, house, minimal etc) here?

(IV-IN) Some producers should stop ripping off songs and find their own style, not run around in circle, producing the same music that everybody does. Promoters should bring in new artists that people have not seen before and broaden the techno and the house scene. I often see the same names on the line-up of different or the same festivals, that’s kind of frustrating. People should learn to accept the “new” and that there is no perfect formula for a good party, it’s just a matter of perspective. The government should support the clubbing scene and take it as something more cultural.

Fall in black and gold by Laura Chiriță
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